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Experience a little luxury on your ferry crossings

The moment you step onboard a P&O car ferry is the moment your holiday really begins.

The variety of facilities onboard our car ferries will add so much more to your sense of escape and relaxation, helping you arrive at your destination totally refreshed and raring to go.

You will discover a spacious, stress-free environment where you’re free to stretch out, do nothing, or pack a lot more enjoyment into your travelling time. We offer great value and a choice of dining to suit all tastes - and don’t forget, there are some simply amazing bargains to be found in our onboard shopping areas, with hundreds of products considerably cheaper than you will find anywhere in the UK.

There’s no need to start your holiday stuck in an airport or cooped up in a train. Instead, you can be enjoying fresh air, sea views and a great choice of bars, restaurants and fantastic onboard entertainment. If you sail overnight on our ferry service you will arrive at a civilised time, totally relaxed for your holiday, as all our cabins offer superb value for money and are equipped with an ensuite shower room and WC. Towels and bed linen are provided and there’s plenty of space to hang your clothes too!

Request More Ship Info

Please call or email us if you require more detailed particulars such as the deck plans, cabins, itineraries, etc. We will happily speak to you over the phone or email the information to you but if you have no email address we can post you the information if needed.